GuarantCo Management Company (GMC)

A case study in IT Service & Cyber Security Improvement



Emily Bushby, COO & CFO of GuarantCo Management Company (GMC), sought to improve IT spend efficiency whilst improving cyber security resilience.

Like many small and medium sized businesses, GMC does not have in-house IT staff and instead outsource their IT support to a third party managed services supplier (MSP).


The task:

Emily wanted to conduct some due diligence on the current IT arrangements to ascertain whether she was receving good value for money and also whether the technology roadmap proposed by the MSP was properly aligned to GMC’s future business objectives: she contacted Alpine IT Consulting (Alpine ITC) for assistance and together we worked on a three-step process. 


How we helped

Firstly, Alpine ITC conducted a complete review of GMC’s IT estate and operations, looking at technical, contractual and procedural artifacts. A report was delivered in without IT jargon that gave red/amber/green statuses to all areas considered and proposed simple, actionable changes and solutions to meet GMC’s business requirements.

After the report review meeting, Alpine ITC set to work assisting GMC to meets the goals set out in the report.

The IT estate was modernised with a migration to the cloud, improvement in cyber security processes & technologies and a tender process to appoint a new MSP on a fixed price per month contract providing GMC with certainty of costs, improved service and better value for money. Further cost savings were achieved by eliminating third party services that overlapped with services that GMC have an existing entitlement to in Microsoft 365.  



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FootNote: GMC is a Cardano company that provides fund management services for GuarantCo Ltd, a PIDG company. GuarantCo offers local credit solutions enabling infrastructure projects in Africa and Asia

There's no time like the present to evaluate your security.

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